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About us

UFG, UFirst Group Inc. is an International Information Technology Consulting and Agile Transformation Firm, established in the U.S.A (Est. 2001) and the European Union specializing in CRM, Cloud Migration, IoT & enterprise level Agile Transformation.

Our mission is to leverage our collective experiences in cutting edge tech advances in App. development, IoT, CRM, Cloud setups/migrations while excelling in execution via pragmatic agile transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our collective experiences in cutting edge tech advances in App. development, IoT, CRM, Cloud setups/migrations while excelling in execution via pragmatic agile transformation.

Contact UFG for a free consulting assessment of your agile process reengineering needs along with your infrastructural upgrades requirements.



SAFe® Scaled Agile Framework Training & Certification

Leading SAFe - SAFe® Agilist (SA)

Lead Agility at Scale as a Certified SAFe Agilist (SA)
In this two- or three-day certification course, you’ll learn how to lead and support an Agile program leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to deliver on large, coordinated software efforts.

SAFe ScrumXP - SAFe® Practitioner (SP)

Deliver Value with Quality in Alignment
In this two-day certification course, you’ll learn team-level Scrum and XP, as well as how to contribute and thrive as part of a SAFe release train.

SAFe® Product Manager Product Owner Workshop (SPMPO)

Develop high Value SAFe Backlogs
Essential to the success of delivering large-scale initiatives using a Scaled Agile approach, organizations must be laser focused on the continuous delivery of business value that incorporates best practices.

SAFe® Scaled Agile Framework Embedded Coaching

For your On-Site Embedded Agile Transformation Coaching and Training needs, please contact us to schedule a visit to your organization. Based on our conclusions resulting from our visit and evaluation of your organizational Agile Transformation needs, we provide a customized approach. In addition to Agile Bootcamp training in many instances we recommend embedded coaching to further augment your on-going initiative.  

Cloud & CRM Engineering

  • Custom development in Salesforce e.g. Lightning UI Apps
  • Salesforce Architecture assessment
  • Integrating external systems with Salesforce using Lightning Connect

As a leader in your organization do you see the need for a change? Are you facing delays with your current product development life cycles?

If the answer is YES, we can help!

How? Keen focus on economics driven Product Development Flow!

We place laser focus attention on the Product Development Flow processes as we have done so collaborating with numerous firms throughout the globe. Our industry experts and brilliant technical teams are geared to  conduct full assessment of your organizational Cloud, CRM, Enterprise Agile transformation needs.

Subsequently, we provide actionable advice, walking our clients through the entire product development lifecycle from the start/evaluation all the way to Production. Along the way we provide embedded coaching, training thus aligning, synchronizing teams to ensure uninterrupted production cycles while having the ability of releasing deliverables (functioning software) per the stakeholders demand.


PEDCO – Managed Process Services is a public limited company based in Zurich, Switzerland and collaboration partner of Scaled Agile Inc., Boulder (USA) and Method Park, Erlangen (Germany). PEDCO supportS enterprises around the globe for process implementations within regulatory environments. They offer a comprehensive range of solutions to set-up, select, operate, and develop lean, compliant and efficient processes. Applied SAFe® is a stand-alone product from PEDCO. It is a fully fledged ALM tool agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) as a process model and kept in sync with the actual SAFe® version by Scaled Agile Inc. (SAI). Together with their Applied SAFe Consulting Partners, the firm ensures a smooth transition to agile, lean, efficient and compliant processes.


Agile for Excellence: Agile transformations in large-scale and regulated environments
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UFG presenting Bank of Scotland Agile Transformation JourneyOnce a year in December, the Leiden University's Agile for Excellence, Innovation Centre in the Hague, Netherlands conducts an agile workshop. The workshop is
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SeanCavandi | 03, September
PEDCO (www.pedco.eu) and UFG will work together in fostering the growing numbers of Applied SAFe customers; where PEDCO delivers its own product Applied SAFe® and UFG with its experience delivers
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